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Racing In The Street

Coches, chicas, escapar, no se puede hacer una canción más Springstiniana.

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  1. Hi,

    This is a great site that you have posted. I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan for 35 years. I have tried to find midi music of his but it is so limited. I was wondering if the songs you have posted are in a midi format? I have a midi player/karaoke Yamaha piano. From one Bruce fan to another please respond and let me know if I can receive the midi version from you. It would mean more than you could imagine to me.

    Take care,

    Tom Adams

    1. I’d love to help you, but you are asking for something that can’t be done, or maybe something that can be done, but with a disappointing outcome.

      – Keep in mind, guitar recordings are not midi data, they are real audio recordings, you can’t include that in a midifile, I’m sure you know about that.
      – Same thing about the bass guitar.
      – Also, drums are not created following general midi standards, you would get wrong sounds for each note.

      That leaves us with keyboards. I could send you the piano midi track for this song, I guess it would sound almost ok, but I don’t see the point.

      You already have a piano, what’s the point in playing the song in your piano? I gues you want the opposite, you want to get everything BUT the piano.

      Or everything so you could mute any track you want in your keyboard.

      I don’t see a workaround for this, but if you want me to, I could send you the piano track in midi format. Gladly! :)

  2. Thanks for responding. I am not a music artist just an music enthusiast who’s favorite artist has not changed in 35 years (Springsteen) with a great player piano that plays midi files. So, I learned a few things from your e-mail.

    I would love to have the piano version which would sound great on my system. Please send when you can.

    I really enjoyed your site. It is well done.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tom Adams

  3. Hi

    I just saw this post and I wonder if you could send me the same as you did for Tom Adams.
    This is a great piece of music and your track is superb.
    Hope you can oblige.
    Even an emailable audio track would be great


  4. Thanks for this site. Wow. Needless to say, I am a huge Boss fan. I like to cover him when I am singing karaoke. Been wanting to sing Racing in the Streets for a long time. Any chance I could get you to send me the audio file? Might record using it as a demo for a proposed Bruce cover band here in Austin TX. Thanks again. bruceoke love it

  5. Wowee I’ve been looking for this song for an eternity,please please please can you share your song with me?I gigged many of his songs with the band but now at my age i just sing karaoke and this song would blow the pub up.

  6. Hi Bruceoke.

    I tried before but please may I have the MP3 track by email.
    It is so good and this track is not available elsewhere

  7. Hi Bruceoke,

    Like all others, I juste wanted to know if these is a way to have your great great tracks by email, Please.
    No commercial .. just for my only pleasure, because I’m a great fan of Bruce too, and I really enjoy singing his songs. Nothing will be send or released.

    I didn’t ask the first time I came to your website because I didn’t think it was possible …

    Many many Thanks if you can do that.

    Best regards


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